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Difference between Electric and Gas Pressure Washers

Gas-vs-Electric Pressure Washer

Both electric and gas pressure washer has their own pros and cons and both are ideally suitable for their usages. Below is a comprehensive comparison between two to help you out to choose correct one for you:- Electric Pressure Washers: Pros: Being electric pressure washer these are quieter in noise, lighted in weight and ideal for carrying domestic house chores ... Read More »

Removing Graffiti With Pressure Washer


Have you ever been a victim of Vandalizing? Believe me those graffiti marks really destroy the look of your clean property, removing graffiti can be expensive sometime but wait no longer when you can use your pressure washer to clean graffiti and restore your vandalized walls back. How to remove? Usually you do not need any special detergent to clean ... Read More »