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Karcher Electric Pressure Washers Reviews, Comparison & X-Series

If we talk about some really good residential or industrial pressure washers then undoubtedly Karcher brand comes first in mind. In residential units only, there are about 21 electric and 18 petrol/gas Karcher pressure washers available to choose from. Starting from 1.25 GPM with 1500 PSI the range goes upto 3.6 GPM with 4000 PSI […]

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Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

Global Tools has made presence in 2002 and since then they have been producing Pressure washer under the brand names of GreenWorks and PowerWorks. Later they changed focused from PowerWorks to GreenWorks only and now this is being promoted. We can safely assume that GreenWorks is highly environment friendly, as they believes in Zero Emission […]

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Earthwise PW20002 Pressure Washer Reviews, Accessories and Price

Earthwise PW20002 comes with 2000 psi at 1.6 GPM.  Such a high capacity power washer is very suitable to perform household tasks and can be used for commercial purposes as well. The product has built-in detergent tank, adjustable pressure and multiple spray tips. The product will work greatly for you if you want to clean […]

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Earthwise Electric Pressure washers reviews, rating and comparison

If you are touchy about the cleaning power of pressure washers, then Earthwise definitely be in your options list. Covering large range from cleaning cars to patio, these Earthwise washers comes very handy. Being in business, Earthwise is rapidly growing. Following we are going to discuss their two leading models. Earthwise PW20002 2000 PSI Electric […]

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AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer Reviews, Comparison & AR383

Talking about “the best” pressure washers, one cannot ignore AR (Annovi Reverberi) Blue Clean pressure washers. They are in business for more than 50+ years, producing 3 best-selling pressure washers ever made. If you are after absolute value for money in terms of features, performance and durability then look no further but AR Blue Clean […]

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AR Blue Clean AR383ss Reviews, Best Price, Owners manual & Accessories

Lets explore “the best” product by AR Blue Clean, this product comes with copper and aluminum components, plastic coating and a full kit of accessories including jet nozzle, hose, lance, gun and a foam dispenser. In addition, you will get wheel mounting trolley design to handle it easily and having a reel system to secure […]

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