DeWalt DXPW4240 Pressure Washer Review and Parts

dewalt 4200

If you want to get a really powerful pressure washer for heavy duty pressure washing tasks then DeWalt DXPW 4240 would be your best choice. The product comes with 4,200 PSI at 4.0 GPM. Considering its power, you can imagine as to what you can achieve through this. The product makes a considerable noise while it is run over. This is ... Read More »

DeWalt Gas Pressure Washer Reviews


Do you know minimum how much does a DeWalt Sticker cost? Its about $300 – yes that’s correct. The manufacturer behind DeWalt pressure washers is Simpson. DeWalt is just branding their product and helping Simpson to earn royalties. Don’t be surprise if I say Black & Decker is also doing the same. Basically Simpson manufacture pressure washers at their Decatur, ... Read More »