Deck Power Washing Tips and Tutorial

Home decks are undoubtedly adds a charm to your house look and surroundings. But with passage of time wooden decks starts to fade-out by catching dust and dirt with rain. Eventually your bright looking deck turns into a dull and fade piece of wood only.

Power Washing a Deck:

Deck can be easily cleaned using a power washer with correct settings and flow. Deck power washing is a crucial tasks, its not like that you just put the water pressure to maximum and start cleaning the deck. Too much high water pressure can even damage your wooden deck and make it rough on surface.

Water Pressure – Pressure washer allows to set different water flow level, you should start with pressure as low as yet effective to wood. For softer wood like Pine or Cedar, the water pressure should be kept low and for harder woods the pressure can go high upto 1500 PSI as well.

Nozzle Distance – You should not simply point water nozzle very near to wood surface. This will not only damage the surface but also disturbs the water pressure level you adjusted above. You should try spraying water from atleast 24 inches away and keep getting closer min to 12 inches away. Don’t go further near than 12 inches.

Pointing the nozzle – Make the nozzle setting to wide spray mode and clean deck areas evenly. Try to cover patch-by-patch and lightly increase the pressure, if needed.

Once all deck is cleaned then you might notice little-bit rough surface. To make your deck smooth again, you can use low grit sandpaper and clear deck with it. It should remove smaller piece of splinters and make surface smooth again.

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