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Difference between Electric and Gas Pressure Washers

Both electric and gas pressure washer has their own pros and cons and both are ideally suitable for their usages. Below is a comprehensive comparison between two to help you out to choose correct one for you:-

Electric Pressure Washers:


Being electric pressure washer these are quieter in noise, lighted in weight and ideal for carrying domestic house chores like cleaning patio, floors, garden, pool, cars, bikes and much more. Electric washer starts from modest power and goes upto 2000 PSI of mighty power, being electric these washer doesn’t require much maintenance like oil change, gasoline etc… just purchased once and you are done.

Miscellaneous accessories are readily available for you to make sure no corner should be left uncleaned. These are cheaper in price which ensures that you don’t need to break the bank.


Being cheaper in price these provide equal quality as well and start malfunctioning after couple of years. These are somewhat disposable products, means you can’t keep them for next decade. As it is said “you get what you pay for”.

Second limitation is that you always need electricity nearby to operate them. Yes these are portable to carry from one room to other but cord attachment makes it movement limited based on cord’s length. Obviously you cannot carry them in outdoor where electricity if not present – strictly household product.

Best selling brands:
There are many electric washer available around, following are few THE BEST selling brands in electric: Ar Blue Clean, Karcher, Greenworks, Earthwise

Gasoline Pressure Washers:


These are real power machines and built for some serious work. Power range goes upto mighty 4200 PSI which surely makes it heavy in weight, but thanks for attached trolley wheels which keep it quite portable. Gas pressure washer can easily last for long years if maintained properly.

These washers can carry both domestic and commercial usage, you can lower the power pressure via nozzles and controller. For commercial usage it gives greater portability, you can literally take it anywhere outdoor as it doesn’t require any electricity so you are not limited by any cord and power. All you need gasoline to run it.


Being higher in power and durability these washer are expensive to buy. You may need to spend almost double cost to get same PSI washer as compared to electric one.

Also gas pressure washer requires high maintenance in terms of oil, gas, detergent etc…

Best selling brands:
There are many gas washer available around, following are few THE BEST selling brands in electric: Generac, DeWalt, Briggs & Stratton (B&S), Yamaha, Simpson, Champion