Removing Graffiti With Pressure Washer

Have you ever been a victim of Vandalizing? Believe me those graffiti marks really destroy the look of your clean property, removing graffiti can be expensive sometime but wait no longer when you can use your pressure washer to clean graffiti and restore your vandalized walls back.

How to remove?

Usually you do not need any special detergent to clean it off, only you need pressure washer with filled water and you are good to go.

Start with mild pressure with general nozzle with the distance of approx. 24 inches away from surface and keep moving near until you see graffiti start peeling off or fading off.

However, if mild pressure doesn’t work then you can switch to high pressure mode. But be careful with soft surfaces like stucco wall or wood.

If the graffiti is done on you some hard surface like bricks or concrete then you will need jet pressure nozzle, commonly known as Turbo Nozzle.

Looking to Purchase Pressure Washer?

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