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Simpson Gas Pressure Washer Reviews, Accessories & Manual

Have you ever heard about Handmade Pressure washers? That’s correct in initial days Simpson have been building handmade pressure washers 16 years. But with the increase demand in 1985 they moved to power tools and assembly lines. Even with automated power tools they have successfully managed to keep the same repute and matchless quality. That’s […]

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Generac Gas Pressure Washer Reviews for 6602 and 6596

Talking about some highly reputed Gas pressure Washer, then Generac is the name you are looking for. There are very few pressure washer companies who have their own manufacturing plants. AR Blue Clean and Generac are one of them. Specifically Generac have over 8 manufacturing plants spread at Brazil, Mexico, Wisconsin and Italy, occupying almost […]

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Champion Gas Pressure Washers Reviews, 2600 PSI and GPM Comparison

From last few decades Champion pressure washers have been serving users for domestic and commercial usage. Through Champion has been producing Electric Pressure Washers as well, but it best known for their Gas Products. There are many German or European brands available, but if you are looking for some US product then Champion is the […]

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Briggs & Stratton (B&S) Pressure Washer Reviews, Manual & Accessories

As in our earlier review we mentioned that DeWalt is using pressure washer built by Simpson but what if we say DeWalt is not the only company who is using Simpson Pressure Washer. The Best Briggs & Stratton is also doing the same. But its not like Briggs & Stratton is giving their name for […]

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